pralineThere was always a demand at family gatherings, during holidays and parties for the soft creamy taste of Earline’s Pralines. Family, friendsand customers in the community all say that Earline’s Pralines are known for having a ‘creamy grandma style taste.’
Earline took great pleasure in creating different flavors and designs and she and her son T.J is a known fixture at festivals and events around town and the demand for her pralines continue to increased.


Earline’s Pralines was officially born in 2009, but Earline had been known around the community for many years as, ‘ the lady that make the good candy.” During her college years she sold Earline’s Pralines on campus to supplement her income and shipped to friends and their families all around the world including military families. while attending graduate school Earline toyed with the idea of going into business full time but it wasn’t until 2008 after being laid off from her job and once again supplementing her household income by selling Earline’s Pralines to family and friends that she listened to her 9 year old son TJ urging her to “open a business mom.’ Earline did just that and hired TJ as part owner and marketing manager.


 “Its over the top mom,” T.J repeatedly said. This became our slogan along with his picture on the front packaging.


 Earline’s Pralines can also be found in many stores around Louisiana and is shipped around the world.


 Its easy to spot. just look for Earline’s Pralines, a picture of T.J on the packaging and, ITS OVER THE TOP!